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Bowen & Bowen Civil Litigation Services

Civil Litigation Services

Personal Injury, Product Liability and Medical Malpractice:

If you have been injured in a car accident, or slip and fall, we can help you navigate through the maze of automobile insurance claims in Massachusetts, and if appropriate, evaluate whether you have a potential liability claim. The first consultation is free, and if we take your case, we will speak with you about taking your accident claim on a contingent fee basis.

If you think you may have been at fault in an accident, we can help you with that as well. Although your insurer will provide counsel for you when you report the accident to them, you may wish to seek your own independent counsel in the event that the injuries are serious and you think that your liability may be in excess of the available insurance coverage.

Employment Litigation:

We represent employers and employees in employment disputes, in court, and at Federal and State Agencies, including the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the State Department of Unemployment Assistance.

If you are an employee, we can counsel you about your rights while you are still employed, or evaluate your situation for potential claims if you have already been separated from your employment. We also review separation agreements.

If you are an employer, we can counsel you regarding your legal obligations to help minimize the risks that you will be facing a claim in one or more forums, or defend you if you are already faced with a claim.

Other Types of Civil Litigation:

If you think you may have a claim against some one, or if some one has a claim against you and has either filed suit, or is threatening to do so, please contact us if you are seeking legal representation in the civil courts. We have litigated case with a variety of legal matters, including not only the personal injury and employment matters discussed above, but also business/lease/contract disputes, real estate disputes, and other litigation matters.


Bowen & Bowen Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

We represent buyers, sellers, and lenders in residential and small commercial real estate transactions. Ideally, you will want to contact us before you even sign the offer to purchase, as this is a binding legal agreement. We will review it with you. If you have already signed an offer, we can prepare and/or negotiate your purchase and sale agreement, prepare a deed for the seller, represent you at the closing, or close the loan for the lender.

We also represent landlords and tenants in residential and commercial evictions. The landlord-tenant in Massachusetts requires certainly things to be done with certain technical requirements. Time and Time again, we have been contacted by some one who has tried to evict a tenant on their own, only to find they need to start over. Contact us and get it right the first time. We will also review your lease. If you are a tenant, we can advise you whether you have a defense to an eviction, or help you negotiate a move out with your landlord.


Bowen & Bowen Estate Planning and Administration Services

Estate Planning and Administration Services

Estate Planning:

Whether you have a lot of property to protect and pass on, or a relatively modest estate, everyone needs to talk with some one about an estate plan. You need to consider how and to whom you will leave your property in a will or trust when you die, but there are many other equally important questions for you to consider. Who will be the guardian of your minor children in the event you and your spouse are both deceased? Who will be able to act for you financially if you are still alive, but incapacitated by illness or serious injury? Who will be able to make healthcare decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself.

Many people want to avoid the costs associated with having a probate estate. We can help you do that, as well as advise you of the benefits of the probate process which you might decide are worth the added expense. Our first consultation is free. We will only charge you if we provide estate planning documents for you.

Estate Administration:

If you have recently lost a loved one, we can help you sort out what you need to do next, if anything. You may need to probate the estate, either with a will if there is one, or without. If there are no assets standing in the name of the deceased alone, you may actually not need to probate the estate, but we would be happy to talk with you about your situation, again with no charge for the initial consultation. Sometimes in these situations, disputes can arise as well. If you think that some one’s affairs may not be being handled properly after their passing, we can help you investigate that matter as well, and if necessary represent you in an objection to some one else’s probate petition.


Bowen & Bowen Estate Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Services

Bowen & Bowen, LLP primarily represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. If you are a creditor, we can also help you to file a proof of claim if some one who owes you money has filed bankruptcy.

Our services include an initial consultation, in person or by telephone if that is more convenient, to evaluate your financial situation, and discuss preliminarily if bankruptcy can help, and whether you might be able to file a Chapter 7, or may need (or want) to file a Chapter 13.

If you decide to retain us, we will sit with your to review all of your financial records, complete the bankruptcy petition and related schedules and forms for you to sign, file the papers for you, and attending the meeting of creditors with you.

If you are facing foreclosure, repossession or a court date with a creditor, and think you may need to file bankruptcy, or simple find your debt and the collection calls overwhelming, call us, we may be able to help.

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